October 12, 2010

Who says you can’t modernize an old school jeweler??? A website wasn’t enough to get with ‘the program’. I needed to create a blog. A blog that shared my thoughts on a modern day gem cutter like myself.

Before I continue, lets get the pronunciation right, ‘Ci·ca·da’ [si-kah-dah]. After you’ve practiced saying it a couple of times, let me continue with my well deserved bio of what I’m trying to accomplish after just two blogs.

What I wanted to achieve on this blog was a more of an in depth feel to the world of gem cutting. Hopefully with the two other blogs that I’ve posted, have been entertaining and yet, a bit educational at the same time. People don’t appreciate the effort put into the manual labor put into the inlay lapidary world. What better way to get ‘stuck in’ and choose a job or project that I’ve been working on and just simply break it down for you. Go into detail and just explain what the process and the amount of effort is put into the labor aspect of cutting a gemstone.

Check out “star fish conundrum” and the recently posted , “deep blue sea”

Till then…


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