A royal hit to your wallet

May 3, 2011

Who knew that delaying my blog would give me an opportunity to talk about the man who played one of the best hide and seek games known to man. I’ll tell you what, a big sigh of relief trickled across America. The ‘Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden’ game, ended after a ten year hunt from the moment the world trade center went down on that horrific day on September 11, 2001. I’ll tell you what, thank god that’s over and thank god all those family members of the 3000 plus that perished on that day and any other attacks that had Bin Laden was linked with, received some sort of justice and closure.

Did I wake up at 4:00am to watch the royal wedding? No, I didn’t. I was navigating through my third dream by that time. I’m sad to say that I was NOT part of the two billion people that watched Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot on April 29th, 2011. I did however, watch the 5 minute round up video of the wedding just to catch up. Kate’s wedding ring has caused some sort of frenzy to replicate, duplicate, etc.. I saw a knock off of the ring on some retailers website for $80 today. As is tradition for royal brides, the ring has been fashioned from Welsh gold, valued for its quality and scarcity. The people of Sri Lanka were represented in the wedding by providing the center stone for Princess Diana’s wedding ring. The 12 carat, ceylon sapphire was the choice for the center stone that was wrapped around with 14 round diamonds. The ring is estimated to valued at $500k.  So, well done to Prince William for hooking up his bride with his mother’s – Princess Diana’s – wedding ring. Keeping it in the family and keeping it real with traditions.

Now here is a section where if you continue reading, your stomach will turn from the horror of hearing about another broken Tanzanite story. The biggest rule when it comes to Tanzanites – do not expose it to extreme temperature changes or you will get cracks inside the stone and you will be forced to call me to replace it for you (I thought it was funny). My customer comes in with this 14 carat, cushion cut, gem color of a Tanzanite. You wanna talk about having no luck? This wasn’t a clean break so you could completely salvage the stone. This stone had multiple cracks and I decided to have a go at it and start slicing up the stone to see where and how I can salvage it. The pictures below pretty much tell the rest of the story. Read my older post about a similar topic here. Till next time…

Notice the heavy inclusion looking cracks in the Tanzanite

… the crack is noticeable on the pavilion end of the stone as well

I flipped the stone so you can see the multiple fractures

Here’s another top view of the stone.. such a pity this stone has to go waste.

I was asked to salvage the stone and see what I can cut out of the damage.

I forced the stone to break by putting it against my diamond saw and I got the cut I wanted causing the rest to come apart.

I ended up cutting a trillion, a cushion, an oval shape and a pear shape.


4 Responses to “A royal hit to your wallet”

  1. Mike Dukes said

    Dont let the story tell itself .. I feel like, since I am not in the jewelery industry, the story encompassed two news stories and your friend that fcuked his jewel beyond repair. Make it interesting. Tell us more. What are you doing in those pictures? You dont blog often, so make sure when you do it is full of information and interesting stuff. (just my opinion and my opinion means dick..)

    • Thanks for the feedback Mike. New to this blogging thing. Here’s my question to you. Would you read 1500 word blog? I was advised that I need to keep it short and simple and I don’t want to give away too much info which I have done before because my customers do wander to this blog and don’t really want to burn them. I’ve gone into heavy detail before and I’ve ended up with short stories and people usually lose interest in 3 min. But I’ll take your advice on the next one and tell me what you think. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Mike Dukes said

        that was awesome, total 180.. I am super impressed now with what I was looking at, but I was unaffected when I saw the pictures the first time. Very good second entry! Keep it in this format, I get some humor, your perspective, you educate me, im off to the next entertaining blog — the catch is I will be interested to check back if I feel I have something to gain from the daily read. 🙂 I hope I helped! (keep in mind I am not speaking from a stance that I know it all, just giving constructive feedback as a reader.)

      • I’ll try to keep it in this format and lets see how you like the next one. Thanks for the feedback Mike..

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